Corporate Profile

The Company’s primary business includes the manufacturing and sale of processed wood products, timber extraction, distribution and trading, wood processing services and rental of kiln dry machines. Recently PWIB has also diversified into construction and land development.

PWIB’s products include: –

  • Plywood, veneer
  • Sawn timber
  • Bare core board
  • Fingerjoints
  • Moulded timber
  • Wooden doors and window frames
  • Fire Door
  • Round logs

International Markets

PWIB has undertaken negotiations to acquire concessions abroad in a bid to entrench its position in the international arena.

Currently, the Company’s sales are mainly generated by Japan, China and South Korea with the former two being the main markets and accounting for a major portion of its turnover.

PWIB also exports to Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. As a result of recent acquisitions, an expanded clientele in South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan as well as new cross-selling opportunities have since emerged. The Company has also initiated inroads into other parts of the world including Europe and the US.