Since 2007, PWIB had transformed our operations to meet the requirements of Sabah’s Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) regime. Having invested in upgrading our equipment and facilities for sustainable timber, we currently operate 27,900 hectares of Forest Management Units with 50 years tenure.

We have more than 400 units of machinery and vehicles for our operations including 7 units of log fishers which form one of the main pre-requisites to comply with Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) under SFM. This full-fledged fleet has the capacity to handle more than 500,000 cubic meter of timber harvesting per year.

Our integrated modernized plywood and sawn timber complexes are located on more than 100 acres of land each in Seguntor and Batu Sapi, Sandakan, respectively. We have the capacity to produce 240,000 cubic meter of sustainable plywood a year and 115,000 cubic meter of sawn timber a year. At full fledge running, we will be needed to employ more than 2,000 personnel and are equipped with state-of-the-art wood peeling machinery.

The past decade has seen a major shift in policy and regulation in the forestry industry, with the Sabah Forest Department’s implementation of Reduced Impact Logging (“RIL”) and long-term licences under sustainable Forest Management regime for the management, replanting and harvesting of Forest Management Units.

Having anticipated these changes, PWI has invested more than RM100 million in modernized and upgrading its equipment and machinery since 2008, in order to ensure the Group remains relevant in the new landscape for sustainable, renewable timber in Sabah.