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Sustainable Forests Management

The Group has been in the timber industries since 1992. Currently, we implement sustainable forest management over timber concessions of 27,900 hectares with 48 years tenure. The Group has continuously formulating the Forest Management Plan (“FMP”) and the Annual work plan (“AWP”) of the timber concessions with the Forestry Department of Sabah. The objectives and strategies of the FMP and AWP are designed to produce, restore or sustain ecosystem integrity and desired conditions, uses, products and services in the concession area over a long term.

By using the technique of Mosaic planting and liberation treatment, we have to-date, successfully rehabilitated approximately 12,000 hectares of our timber concessions with the following certifications:

Forest Certificate Awards:-

Maxland Sdn Bhd (Forest rehabilitation)  
(1) Certificate of Compliance
Serial No. SFD-CC/309/11

Industrial Tree Plantation (ITP) Development and Timber Harvesting Operations (ITP and Forest Plantation) under the Annual Work Plan 2021 in, FMU 17A (Area A), FMU 17B (Area B) and FMU
17B (Area C), as stipulated in the Sustainable Forest Management License Agreement (SFMLA:

Beta Bumi Sdn Bhd (Forest rehabilitation)
(2) Certificate of Compliance
Serial No. FDS(SLS)019/2021

Achievement: Has complied with requirements of the Sabah TLAS (Timber Legality Assurance System) Principle 1-4, based on the assessment conducted by Global Forestry Services Sdn Bhd, reported in Document #GFSSBH 003-089 and Audit Statement # GFS 038 LVS.

As a result of ensuring compliance with the regulations and guidelines, there were no incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations resulting in significant fines or sanctions, and we endeavor to maintain this track record.